Friday, January 05, 2007

Wednesday Poker Night

I have been sick all week but I did get to play poker Wednesday night at Jokers Casino. It was the shortest tournament I played in for a while. There was close to 30 players and I went out about 21st. That is a far cry from the last 3 weeks. It was one of those tournaments that I could play nothing in my hand. Even after folding I would watch the cards come out and still would not have had anything to play all night. This of course is not whining. Just the fact that some nights are like this and I accept the fact it happens.

I have been reading Phil Gordons little green book and I like what he talks about. The mindset and how he plays the game. I am getting ready to read the Little Blue Book next. Right now my game is tight. I should probably be reading Dan Harrington's books.

Until next week have fun.

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