Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday Night Poker

Since I am playing in a home game on Wednesday night I figured to keep up with the weekly game at Jokers Casino I would need to play tonight. I ended up playing with a new group of players tonight. I only new 2 faces out of the bunch. There were 14 players. That is a far cry from the 30+ I am used to playing with on Wednesday night.

I started out playing my usual. I won the second hand with a pair of Q's. No one wanted to go to the turn or the river with me. I must not have played a hand for about 30 minutes because the next time I played one of the players looked at me and said that I haven't played at all and now I raise on the flop and no one wants to go in on the pot. From that point on I played the flops and within 3 hands I was out of the tournament. The cards I was dealt were KJ, A2, and a Q10. I had good hands just didn't get the flops to really continue. Of course I didn't through the hands away like I normally would and then the players started calling my hands.

I have been continuing to read Phil Gordons little green book again on his thoughts on poker. Tomorrow night will be a home game and will hope to do better. I need to start playing more flops to see if I can get the cards to continue.

This is hard to do because when I play any card game I don't play to loose. I play to win and as I am teased at work to earn money. I carefully manage my money when I play at the casino. I do that whether I play Poker or Blackjack. I also do not play with money that will be missed if I loose. I never play with house money.

My wife and I have a mine, hers, and ours account to pay bills. When it comes to money in our separate accounts we don't have to explain where it goes to each other. I call it my allowance and it works for us. When it is gone then we have to wait till then next paycheck and get allowance again. Hence, my one night per week in playing poker at the casino. The home games don't happen often and the buyin is like $5 so it doesn't matter that much. Good practice for me though.

Have a good week and will let you know how the game goes tomorrow.

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