Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In Auburn

I am in Auburn for a family emergency and so I will not be playing poker tonight. This week may not see any card games at all. I am not even thinking about going up to the Muckleshoot Casino to play Blackjack while I am here in Auburn. I am spending time at the hospital and with family that have flown in.

This last weekend I have been playing blackjack at home practicing the strategy to see how I play and how the different strategies I use stack up against each other. Since I always try to play on a table with more than 2 or 3 people I will set cards out for that many. I bought enough cards to have the proper amount of decks available for the table I am playing. See if this helps my blackjack playing.

I see that WPT Poker Boot Camp is coming to the Wildhorse Casino in November. I would like to attend this camp. Waiting till November is sort of a wait though. It is nice that it is coming up to this area.

Have fun and keep the cards moving.

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