Friday, February 09, 2007

Poker Wednesday

I know I am late with this. It has been crazy around here. I did get my poker time in on Wednesday evening. We had 29 players in this tournament at the Jokers Casino this evening. Again this is like a broken record but, I wish the cards would start getting better for me. I need to get better cards or at least learn how to bluff more. I don't like to bluff because I like to play with the best hands.

Tonight I kept waiting for the right hand and it never showed up. I ended up 18 out of 29 players. I did split a pot with one hand, I played A3 and the other player had A10. The flop came AAK and then I went all in and he called. The turn was X and the River was another K. We both played the Full House. He was not happy I played the A3 but you know what? It worked and kept me in the game. I ended up on my last hand with AA and went all in and was called by the big blind for my remaining 700 in chips. She had 95. Well, I got busted when she got a 9 on the River for 2 pair.

I will keep at this game and try to get better.

Have fun and hope you get good cards.

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