Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Turned on me

I went into the Island Casino tonight feeling good since my win last week. I was hoping I could have a good showing tonight and possibly get to the final table again. The table I was at tonight was very aggressive. It seemed that someone was constantly raising the pot and with the mediocre hands I was receiving it just didn't make sense to try and win on a draw. Hand after hand were thrown back to the dealer. I did win a couple of hands that would keep me in the tournament. With only two tables there were over 30 players and 20 were playing at a time. I did hear at one time 13 alternates. It might have been more. I will find out tomorrow when I get a chance to talk with my friend that was playing tonight and was also an alternate himself.

I believe I went out around 22nd. We were stuck on 100/200 blinds until the last alternate gets put into the game. At least that person has a chance and will have to play very aggressive just to make the final table. Having to post big and small blinds and post it just takes a big share of your chips. Once some of the aggressors were eliminated the action started to get to be normal poker. I just wished I could have stuck around to play in that level.

The hand that I went out on was the same hand I won with last week. I had AK and went all in and was called by a person that had pocket 7's. He won with a set on the turn. The roles were reversed this week.

This weekend I am headed over to Auburn and I hope to be able to play some Blackjack at the Muckleshoot Casino.

Keep the cards coming and have fun.

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