Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Golf

I arrived at Columbia Pointe Golf Course this morning to play 18 holes of golf with friends. Since I didn't warm up by hitting golf balls I didn't want to use the Driver right off the bat. I used my 3 wood and was able to get it in the middle of the fairway. That was a good start. The par 3's today were good to me. I was able to par 3 of the 4 holes today. I was able to use the driver and did well with it today. I am getting used to the setup and the height of the tee and where to put the golf ball. Thank goodness for the golf carts we have and the ability to put our umbrellas up and walk under them. It started raining on us for about 3 or 4 holes and then it started to turn real nice. I was able to take my jacket off and enjoy the rest of the day.

My score today was 98 strokes and I putted 39 times. This was not my best day with putting but the fairway irons were on today. My goal is always to get to the 150 yard marker and I can pretty much get on from there. It was an enjoyable day walking the course.

This week I want to go back to Island Casino and go at it again.

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