Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blackjack Fun

Made it over to Auburn and had dinner with C's sister and brother-n-law. I love to eat at the Famous Daves Restaurant on South Hill. Good food and great service. They even gave me a ice cream sundae for my birthday which was yesterday. Another year older and still don't feel like it. I like to play and have fun when I can.

I got to the Muckleshoot Casino and immediately went over to the blackjack tables to find a place to sit down and play. It took a while for someone to go out and open up a seat. I sat in seat 6 and started playing. Immediately I started to win and my chip stack started to build. I pulled aside my startup money and started playing with the house money. I played basic strategy and was doing well. About 2 hours into playing and the lady next to me looked over at me and told me that I haven't said a word since she got there. Now, when I play cards I get very serious and concentrate on what the cards are that are out there and what my strategy is going to be. I don't talk to people that much other than to tell them congrats on a good hand. Well, the table was singing everytime the dealer busted and they were singing the song "Thats the way we like it" and the lady turned to look at me and said I needed to sing with them. I told her the next time I would. Well, I missed the next time and she looked at me and said I had to sing by myself. Ok, I did. I sang a solo for the table. I am still a very quiet person. I did it for the table. When the shoe was done I decided to go ahead and color up my chips and call it a night. It was a good night. I started with $100 and ended up with $165. I am happy with that.

Tomorrow we head back over the mountain and I will play poker on Tuesday or Wednesday night at Islands Casino. Since I am traveling this weekend I will not be playing golf. Having a good time.

Have fun and keep the cards coming.

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