Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Going Fast

Tonight was one of those nights I should have stayed home. I got to Island Casino at 5:30 and I walked in and found out I was the 2nd alternate. This is the first time that I was an alternate for a poker game. To sit and watch the hands being played and you are not being able to play a hand and knowing when you do get to sit down you will be down chips and haven't done anything yet. When I did get to sit down at the table the first hand I drew was an AQ. I needed to play catch up with the chip stacks. I got a Q on the river and sucked out on the other guy. Ok, that was a good start.

Then I played AQ again and lost to a pair of J's. I lost a big share of my chips on this hand and basically I was now waiting for a good hand to go all-in with. On the last hand I played AJ and lost to a pair of K's. You see I was getting the cards but wasn't getting the flop.

Could I have won if I had bet more money at the pot? Sometimes I will do that and the two players I played against did question me on it. I really believe they would have raised or reraised me anyway so why not just see a flop and try to slow play the hands and get a little more of the chips. As you can see that didn't work.

My placement for this tournament didn't matter since I really didn't get through the alternates that were still sitting and waiting for a chair.

I have been doing some reading on Blackjack strategy. I really enjoy Blackjack and would like to start playing it again. I know the only time I do play is when I go to Auburn and play at the Muckleshoot Casino. I was looking around the Island Casino this evening to see if they had a regular Blackjack table and I could not find one. Maybe this will mean spending some time driving down to Pendleton to play and Wildhorse Casino. That would be a 2 hour roundtrip and that is doable for some time to play blackjack for a few hours.

Golf this weekend. I didn't get to play this last week and I am looking forward to it.

Have fun and keep the cards going.

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