Friday, March 16, 2007

Wednesday Poker

I was at work later than I wanted to be and when I got out of the meeting I headed straight over to Island Casino. Remember last week I ended up being an alternate and was there by 5:30. I wanted to be there by 5:15 tonight and try not to be an alternate. I was able to get there in time and I actually ended up being the 20th person to sign up and just missed the alternate list.

When the game got started the table was tight aggressive and started to loosen up a bit a few hands into the game. I remained very tight and did manage to win a few of the hands. With one of the good hands I had I decided to raise and see if I could get some action. No one wanted to play. They all figured out I was only playing good hands and they didn't want to loose the chips. I decided then that a few hands later I would try again and the same thing happened. That happened to me 3 times total. No one would play when I put in a raise. Not so good when you actually need to get chips to keep going. I did get down to about 1300 in chips and decided to go all in on my last hand and got beat by a set of 7's. There were still alternates waiting to get into the game so I do not know what my placement was. It didn't matter anyway.

Maybe it is time I really started studying the game and figure out when to play the cards that are not the top ones I usually play. It is interesting that their is a group from work that is playing and they will not invite me to play. I was told by one of them on Thursday that the reason is they want to be able to keep their money and not loose it. That just makes me laugh. Keeping me out of a game because they are afraid of loosing their money? Doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I should set up a game here at my house and see if I could get them to play here.

Looking forward to my Sunday golf with J & P. I do enjoy playing with them. It is a nice 4 hours away from the usual stress of what goes on in my life at home and work. That is why I also like Poker because it gives me a chance to concentrate on the cards and the people around me and think of the other things. I have been looking for a place to play more Blackjack. The casinos are playing the special games of blackjack and that doesn't interest me since I do not play the extra chips to get the other payoffs.

Keep the cards and golf balls flying.

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