Thursday, March 22, 2007


Now that I have had a couple of days to calm down and think about it I can go ahead and blog about my tuesday night poker. I decided to play on Tuesday this time and see if there weren't as many people. That is what happened. There were about 6 alternates waiting to get in the game. Well, I wish I could have lasted as long to see the alternates come into the game.

I was so upset about being taken out. I usually don't let the cards affect me and take every thing in stride. Thats the way the cards go. Except that the last few weeks I have been taken out early and not getting the cards so I can play the way I want to play. I was given KQ and I raised to $300. I was reraised to $500. I called. The flop came out xQx and so having the bottom pair with a K kicker I felt I was in a good position. I went all in to try and pick up the chips now. The guy then calls me and we turn over the cards and he has Q10. Wouldn't you know it that on the river he comes up with another 10. I could spit nails.

I had a friend playing tonight AB and he told me he sucked out on the river a couple more times on other people. He did get to the final table but didn't last long by playing loose. Another person was playing tonight and she was aggressive. She put a bigtime bluff on her friend at the table by telling him not to call her. She had the cards. He threw away pocket 10's and she had J7 to take the pot.

I have decided to read Dan Harrington's books. Maybe I can pick up some thoughts on playing the game from him. He is a tight player and plays good hands. He works with position as well. We will see what I can pick up from him.

I am over it now and will go back next tuesday night. Sunday it is golf again with J & P at 0930.
Keep the cards and golf balls flying.

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