Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday 3-27

I am going to try and catch up on my week so far. Tonight was the night I was headed to the Island Casino. Tonight was the night that I was going to play a little bit different and play more aggressive and see what happens.

I arrived at Island casino and signed in. Payed my fee and then went and got a dinner for $3.99. You can't beat the dinner price for Steak and Eggs with Toast and Hashbrowns. They have different dinners everynight.

There were about 30 people playing tonight. One of my first hands was the KJ and on the flop came a AKx. I went ahead and raised and the guy next to me raised. On the turn I checked and he raised and I followed. On the turn I raised and he figured I made a hand on the turn with the 10. No, I was playing aggressive and he folded the winning hand of AJ. I was totally surprised and he was not happy. We discussed the hand later on and I told him he had me. He thought I had made a hand with the 10 and he wasn't going to try it. I ended up taking him out to set up the final table later on.

During the evening I played a number of hands with K in the hand and I won them. My final hand at the table before we went to the final table was AA and the guy next to me played AK and he lost with that.

When we got into the final table I became conservative and didn't play the pots I should have. People were going all in trying to build there pots. I just didn't want to get involved with that unless I had a very good hand. I threw away quite a few Aces and Kings during this time. I ended up playing 94 and had to go all in because of low chips. I of course lost the hand and came in 4th place. I did get my money back and so it wasn't a total loss. Two hands later someone went out and got 3rd. If I would have held on a little more I might have gotten into 3rd instead. I felt good about my play tonight. I was aggressive at the start and that was good. I had players around me that were aggressive and they seemed to back off tonight and did not play me hard. I did win with the best hands until the end.

I have to remember what it felt like to play at the final table and how I did it before to get to the money. I was aggressive and I need to get back to that feeling.

Next week I will be back at it again. I will have read more of the Harrington book and hopefully it is helping me.

Always looking forward for the next adventure. Sunday golf at 9:30 with J & P again.

Having Fun.

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