Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Poker night

After last week and playing more aggressive at the table I was anxious to get back at it and see if I could do the same thing. Right off the bat I started playing KJ and I was beat by a person on the other end of the table and she took quite a bit of my chips. I was down to about $2000 in chips and so I reverted to conservative play to try and build my chips back up. I was able to do that during the course of this table play. There were 31 players in this tournament tonight.

I like Islands Casino here in Kennewick. They do have just 2 tables and it would be nice if they had 3 tables. I am also getting used to the people that are playing here on a regular basis. Back to the tournament. The whole table was playing conservative tonight. Even G was playing conservative and rarely would he come out and play his usual junk hands to show he could take you off of your hand. I was able to pick my spots and brought in quite a few chips to build my stack. I was wanting to get to the final table again and give myself a chance to win this tournament. Our table got down to 6 and the other table was at 5. We did end up getting ours down to the 5 we needed and I had made the final table for the second week in a row.

We had a couple of hands go and came down to 9 players. I gave up my BB and was now in the SB. I had AA and when seat 3 went all in I went in as well. This would have been my best chance of doubling up and knocking out another player. I had the best hand. He showed Q10. A 10 came on the flop and then a 10 came on the river. I ended up with $1000 in chips. That was a big blow to me. Know I am on the button and basically I will wait for the best hand and go all in. The next hand was an AJ and I got 4 callers. One of the callers had pocket 7's and I got a J on the flop. He was able to get the 3rd 7 on the river and I was out of the tournament in 9th place.

I could not believe the two hands and loosing everything in those 2 hands. I wouldn't have played them any differently. I just got beat tonight with those cards. G was sitting next to me and told me that I played well tonight. Coming from him that was a real compliment. R the manager even talked with me tonight and called me by name. They are getting used to me being there and seeing me play.

Tonight was the hardest on me yet. Especially having the hands and getting beat two hands in a row. G told me to take it easy driving home. He knew I was not happy about the turn of events. I usually take the approach that this is just a game and not to let anything get to me when the cards go bad for me. It has happened the other way for me at times.

I ended up playing more conservative than aggressive tonight. I guess it fits me better. I couldn't have been more aggressive tonight or I would have gone home early. People were playing with me when I had the cards so they weren't afraid to play when I put my raise in. I will get this out of my mind and move on. I am excited to play next week though. If I could play two nights per week that would be fun.

Keep the cards flying.

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