Friday, April 20, 2007

Wednesday Poker

Here it is Friday and I haven't updated the blog yet. I did play poker on Wednesday evening and actually it wasn't the best night for me. Most of the players are down at Wildhorse Casino playing in the Poker tournament that is going on there. We had 15 players tonight.

My night was over in about 45 minutes. I did try to play some hands and see flops before I would muck my cards. I saw very few face cards throughout the hands I had. I had pocket 4's and tried to see a flop but that didn't last long. The last hand I played I had pocket 9's and someone called me and had 810 and he got a 10 on the flop which took me out of the tournament.

Tonight I was somewhat conservative and one of the players I talked to later even said to me that he was watching me play and noticed how tight I was. I told him I wasn't just tight but when you don't have the cards to play you just don't get anywhere. Bluffing just is not going to do it with these players that can call with such good cards.

My friend AB was playing in the satelite down at Wildhorse and got into the big tournament on Saturday by being in the 130 players. Way to go AB.

Well, golf comes around on Sunday. Trying to keep myself active.

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