Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thursday Poker Night

Tonight I am headed over to a poker home game. The game started at 6:30 and the cost for tonight was $5. I am used to playing with this group and I am hoping I will do well with the group with my weekly playing at Island Casino. This group plays aggressive style of poker. You had better bring your A game and be prepared for the bluffs they guys will put on you.

I had a very good night playing and ended up in the top 3 and we all decided to chop the pot so the next game could get started. I will usually not play a second game since the time is late and I want to go to bed at a reasonable time.

I did play some very good hands and was able to build my chip count. I played an Kx and the flop, turn and river came up with 4 clubs. I had a K high flush and the A was on the board. I knew I had the nuts and the other player was pushing all in. I went ahead and called and she had the Qc. That was for 4th place and then it was decided to chop the pot.

One other hand I did well in was I had J10 and the other player was pushing in as well. Board came up with J10 on the flop, turn and river and so I had two pair. The other player showed J7 and went all in. I took him down as well.

All in all it was a good night for me and I would like to carry this over to next Wednesday night. I will not be able to play on Tuesday night this next week.

Golf will be this Sunday at Columbia Pointe Golf Course. I didn't get to play this last week and I will try again to keep my score under 100.

Having fun.

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