Sunday, April 29, 2007

Late Poker Blog

I just remembered tonight that I haven't blogged the poker night yet. It wasn't a big night for me at the table. Again I playing somewhere in the middle of the pack. Out of 25 or so that start I made it to 14th and just 4 from the final table. That makes me feel a little better but anything can happen once you get to that final table. I stayed and watched my friend D play at the final table and he came in 5th. I sat behind him and was able to watch the cards he was playing.

This was the first time that I was seated next to my friend that plays cards with me on Wednesday evening. I didn't like that he was sitting on my left. In fact he was the one that ended up taking me out. I played the rest of my chips on pocket 7's and he played his pocket Q's. Guess who won that one.

I can't fault my play tonight at all. I played the cards I was supposed to and I did win some hands. I keep thinking that if I am going to play a hand pre-flop I should raise. It is either fold or raise. Do not just limp in. It is hard to do that but I know I need to take more chances.

I read a good book this last weekend. "Annie Duke", that was a good book. I am trying to read a few more books on Poker players and try to understand how they play. The read was worth it and I was really into it all weekend. Usually when I start a book like that I tend to get through it pretty fast. I have watched "Rounders" and "The Stu Unger Story" and thought those Videos were good as well. I see there is a new movie coming out this next week called "Lucky You", and that should be interesting story as well. Guy meets girl, breakup, get back together with poker involved as well.

I am not playing golf this weekend since my friends P and J are off travelling for a Birthday. I hope they have fun.

Poker on Wednesday again at Island Casino.

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