Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Poker Tuesday

Coming into tonight I was confident in playing conservative right off the bat. I wanted to win some hands early to set up the semi aggressive part later in the tournament. The first hand gave me KJ. The hand got beat and I was down $400 right off the bat. I then turned tighter and I did limp in to a number of pots but never came up with a hand to play.

The only hand that I won during the tournament was when I had Q6. I got a 6Q6 on the flop. I now was looking at a way to extract a lot of chips from the people still in the pot. The one player that stayed with me had Q10. The turn came a Q. The turn was another 6. Could you believe it. We both made a full house. Split pot and I had the same amount as when I started. Now I go back to the Conservative play. I was getting blinded off. I am looking for a hand to go all in with and try it again.

The last hand of the evening for me I held a KQ and I went all-in. I was called by a person that had A10. A K came up on the flop. Then the A came on the turn. I was out of the tournament at 14th place tonight. The tournament started with 18 players.

Tonight the table was tight except for one player that seemed to have hands and he was pushing action and winning pots. Right before I went out he lost a lot of his chips to the player next to me.

I am going to try and play tomorrow night as well. Spending 45 minutes playing poker just is not enough time to feel like I am out doing something. AB was still playing when I left. He didn't have a big stack but he was holding his own on the other table.

Having fun.

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