Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday Poker

I did make it to Island Casino tonight to play poker. Tonight there were quite a few friends there whom I play home games with. I wanted to play well again tonight and make it further than the 30 to 45 minutes from last night.

Tonight I started out picking my spots a little better to play the hands I was getting. I did get moved off of one hand that I had an AJ and the other player had a K10. He had a pair of 10's and I had a pair of J's. We both had a straight draw and he bet all in and I was unwilling to play for all my chips on a draw. With the flop both of us were close even though we each had a pair. After that hand I waited and played conservative and I started getting hands and I started raising pre-flop. I won 4 hands in a row doing that. After that the cards went dead for me and I went back to conservative.

Tonight there were 25 players. It took a while to get to the alternates but once we started getting them in the game they came in fast. We didn't stay at 100/200 blinds very long and started the climb up the blind ladder. I started playing more hands and seeing flops. I wasn't hitting anything and would go out. By this time I was getting low in chips and knew I would have to make a stand real soon. When I did end up going all in I had AQ to the other player AK. I got beat with a pair of K's.

I went out in 16th place. Middle of the pack. Not good but not bad either. I knew I was playing alright. I was picking my spots and just was not getting the cards.

I found out that tomorrow night there will be a home game going and I will try to play on Thursday as well. That will make 3 nights in a row playing poker. That would be fun. I haven't played in a home game for awhile with friends. I would like to put on a home game at my place soon as well. I have the tables and chips just need to pick a day and put out the word.

Keep the cards flying.

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