Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend on the Westside

We drove over to the West side of the state on Saturday morning and the roads were not that bad. Hardly any traffic.

Then saturday evening I took off for the Muckleshoot Casino. Wow, there were so many people I could not find a parking spot anywhere. I ended up going into the parking garage and found a spot up near the top. Walking into the casino you walked into a flood of people. I went from one end of the casino looking for a table so I could sit down and play some blackjack. After my third trip to the older side I found a seat and I put myself in seat number 6. The lady in seat 7 was a little inebriated. She started talking to me right away about how the person that just left did not know how to play and she hoped I would do better. She stated she knows how to play and when to hit and when to let the dealer try to bust. Ok, I have read the books as well. I started playing and won the first three hands and I was using the new strategy of every time I win I would put another chip in and if I lost the hand I would start over with one chip. Right off the bat I was up and for most of the night I was using there money to play with. Oh yes, the guy that left and I took his seat, he came back and now was sitting in seat 5. The Lady on my left leaned over to me and informed me in a low voice that, remember the guy I was telling you about, well he is sitting next to you now so keep an eye on him. Eventually she busted out and she decided the dealer was against her and she left. Not before talking to the pit boss about playing some poker in the poker room. That was an interesting conversation as well. Basically she could play but the poker players would enjoy her presence since it would be money in the bank for them.

After that took place a new person came and sat in seat 5 and he started playing. With his date behind him asking him why he was doing what he was doing. Even to the point of looking at my cards and telling me what I should do. She bumped up against my chair a couple of times and said sorry, I am a little bit challenged to stand straight right now. I could believe that. You could tell she was a little bit inebriated as well. She ended up sitting next to me in seat 7 with her date in seat 5 and she started talking to me, telling me that she was just dating the guy next to me. That she was not married to him. She started talking to me about the cards I would play and why. I finally after 3 hours was ahead in my chips from when I started and decided to just go home. I really like to play blackjack here. I did watch 4 card poker table, but it is hard to get a seat since there are two tables and they are always full. People standing behind them waiting to get a seat. It would be nice to have a few more tables open. Even all the blackjack tables were full with people watching and waiting for seats. It was fun.

This wednesday evening I am back at the Jokers Casino playing poker. I might try the 3 card poker that evening.

Have fun.

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