Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Love my Wednesdays

I was anxious to get out and go to Jokers Casino this evening so I could play some poker. The weather here is cold, cold, cold. I got myself into the casino this evening, signed up and paid my buyin of $30. There were 24 people playing tonight. We started out with 2 tables of 10 apiece and 4 alternates. I try to get there early enough that I am not an alternate. I think it is harder to get started when you are behind when you get seated. If I am going to loose my blinds I would rather loose them myself than to get blinded because I am not playing cards.

Tonight was one of those nights when I was getting some really good cards. I must have had 3 AK's and won 2 of them and lost 1. I went all-in 3 times and won two of them and lost the last one. Of course the last one I had one $500 dollar chip and went all in with nothing other than the 72 offsuit. Can't do much with that one. The hand I played prior to that one was the one that did me in though. I had AJ and lost to A5 when the player got a 5 on the river. I was feeling good and I was not playing a bunch of hands that were junk. I opened my play a little bit tonight trying to play some new hands so I didn't seem like a very tight player. I just played hands that made since to me. I ended up placing 11 out of 24. Middle of the pack again. Missed the final table by 1 person.

This weekend I am planning to make a trip back to Auburn and I will try to play some blackjack at the Muckleshoot Casino. Hopefully I will do well. I have been wanting to try a new strategy out and see how I do. I am trying to practice here at home before I do it there.

Have fun and will write sometime this weekend.

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