Saturday, January 27, 2007

Poker Time

I forgot to post the game on Wednesday night. I got busy the Thursday and Friday and remembered last night that I hadn't posted anything to the blog.

The night was uneventful for me. I played the 6PM Poker Tournament at Jokers Casino and we had 20 people show up. Tonight I really didn't get any hands to play. I think I must have played about 3 hands and ended up in 12th place. I don't like being blinded out and that is exactly where I was headed for the evening. I didn't have any hands that really stuck with me that I could even talk about.

I keep watching players and how they are playing. I need to start playing some hands if I have position and if I can limp in and see a flop. I know that is where the training would come in if I could try and get to one of the Poker schools. Another thing that I thought interesting as I was watching a Tournament on TV was the amount of people that were dealers and now they are poker professionals and or play a lot. The announcers were talking about the ability to watch the hands as well as watch how people played the game. Wouldn't that be a fun job to be a poker dealer. Basically don't give up your day job until you could make it in that profession.

We have joined a fitness facility in town and so I need to start exercising more to loose some weight. I lost 22 pounds last year and this year my goal is another 25. I want to get to a total of 75 pounds lost, so it will go into 2008 for me to reach my goal. I would like to pick up another night of poker and the weather is starting to look better and I know golf is right around the corner. Hopefully this will be a good year all around. Of course I can't forget about the job.

Have fun with the cards.

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