Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wednesday Night Poker

Tonight was the home game. It was a $5 buyin and 15 players started. One thing about playing home games is that people will call down to the river just to try and make a hand. It is hard to figure out what to do when you know most of the group will play on even if you raise. It is even getting more noticeable for me I need to get some type of instruction on how to play the mid hands like K6 or the Q5 and hands like that. Bluffing doesn't seem to work very well. By the end of the evening I ended up in 8th position. Middle of the field and I seem to stay in that position most often.

Jokers Casino is starting a tournament now at 9PM. You can play at 12, 3PM, 6PM and now 9PM. Wouldn't that be nice to be able to play in a few more tournaments during the week. I enjoy watching some of the better players at Jokers.

Next weekend we are planning a trip over to Auburn again and maybe a chance to play some Blackjack at Muckleshoot Casino. We will have to wait and see if everything works out for the trip.

Have fun and play hard.

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