Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poker Night at Islands

After last week placing 4th I wanted to have a good showing tonight and play well. There must have been about 40 people in the tournament tonight. It is nice that Island's Casino has 3 tables now and can get 30 people playing all at once. It does help to get the alternates in the game faster.

I sat down in the number 6 seat tonight. To my left was a dealer and then after him were two more dealers playing tonight. I figured I would have to play tight conservative and really pick my spots. Also I needed to make sure I had the best cards when I played.

First hand I get KQ and we must of had about 6 players in the pot. Post flop comes and it is 91010. At that time I get out. The dealer player raises the pot. He is called. The turn comes J and now I am looking at a straight possibility if I would have stayed in the pot. It would have been a draw for me. The river comes 8. There is my straight. The players that were still in the pot turned over their cards and the dealer player next to me had 1010 for Quads. Wow, did I make a good laydown.

Now for the rest of the time I was at the table every time I would limp into the pot the dealer player would raise the pot. He did it almost every hand he played. In fact at one point he said if he was coming in he would not check. He would be raising. That set the tone for all the hands I tried to play. I would limp in and he would raise and if he didn't one of the other dealers would raise the pot.

My last hand I had KQ again and so when it came to me limped in again and when the flop came there was an A on the board. I went all in and was called by two of the dealer players and the guy in the #5 seat to my right. The guy to my right had KQ as well and the two dealer players had A2 and A4 and so with no cards that could save me I was out of the tournament.

Now that lasted all of about 40 minutes tonight.

What did I learn tonight? If I am going to be in the pot then raise first. Don't be out of position and try to play cards.

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