Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sunday July 29

I am way behind. My goal for this week was to get this written on the same day that it happened. So, how did that work out? As you can see I am behind in getting this written.

What a day for golfing. The weather was warm again or I should say hot. We did start out the day at 7:30 this morning. I am now in my brown shorts and showing my white legs. Boy, do I need some sun on those legs.

Starting out today on the front side of the golf course, as usual here at Columbia Pointe. The front side was real good to me. Hole number one was a 5 on a par 4. In fact I scored a 5 on the first 3 par 4 holes. I always like starting out this well and am always hoping the rest of the day will go this way as well. Here comes the nice par 3 and I played a 7 iron into this hole today and scored a par. Here comes the two par 5's that usually will take a lot out of my day and make me humble again. The first one I drove the ball well and ended up inside of 150 yards after 3 shots. I had a chance to do well which I did and scored a 6 on the par 5. The 6th hole was a 7 and I made it out of the two par 5's still intact and feeling good. Number 7 I drove the ball well again and my second shot was on the edge of the green and I putted right up to the hole for a par on this one as well. Hole 8 I hit to the right side and chipped up near the hole and made my par3 and now I was headed to hole number 9 another par 5. I ended up hitting my 3rd shot into the water and then scored an 8 and my front side score was 46. That was nice knowing that the back side is the side I can usually do well on.

I started the back side thinking I could score very well today. Then you get humbled. The 10th hole was a 7 on the par 4. Then a 6 on the 11th which is another par 4 hole. I hit the green on the par 3 12th and then 3 putted for a 4. When I look at the scorecard of the back side I just don't see anything that makes a person too proud of my play. I ended up scoring a 50 on the back side and scored a 96 for the round. Now I should be proud of that score and I am.

Being able to be out in the nice weather. I always look forward to my Sunday golf game with friends.

Since I am writing this on Thursday I didn't play my poker game at Islands this week. I took the week off and will play again this next week. I see that Jokers Casino is coming back and I will have to see what games are available there. I hear they want to do more cash games instead of tournaments. I understand they can make more money but I would rather play the tournaments and keep learning that game.

Still having fun.

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