Friday, January 25, 2013

Poker Play

The only poker I have played in the last week has been on the computer. I am playing a .01-.02 NL game and trying to build up from the $5 that is on there. I have been working the percentage theory to see if it really is true. I see all kinds of cards and if I get premium hands, I am not going to win even if I do the raising, and try to get someone off of their hand. I basically wait till the percentage of wins equals the 10% mark and then I wait to see who has been winning hands and will try to play against that person. So, now it is not so much what cards I have but when to play them. I am not sure I like this style of play but if it works then I will keep doing the same thing. I have never heard of anyone working this in their strategy and it would be interesting to see if anyone can see the same thing I do. Right now it seems to be working. So far I am down .97 cents but the last session I had I moved up $1.03 so not bad in 34 hands. I was trying to play at least 100 hands per session but now that I am trying to grow this bankroll I will take the money and run and then wait till the next session. It also depends on the players as well. If you get a lot of new players coming in you have to be careful of the equity rule as well. I am setting up a Home Game this weekend and will have a group playing a tournament and then afterwards we will play some live .05-.10 NL. It should be fun. We played in December and had a good group of players here and we played till one in the morning. This time I am going to stop the game at midnight because it just got to be late cleaning up the house.

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