Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekend Poker

This past weekend I had a group over to play tournament poker and afterwards started a live game.

 I am trying to have one home game every month where we can all get together and play some tournament poker, and then see if anyone wants to sit and play a .05-.10 NL live cash game. The last time I did this we had one table and we played almost four hours. It was fun and we played with a max buy in of $5. This time I opened it up for any amount.

The tournament started at 6:30 and we had eighteen players. I set the tournament up with T$5,000 in chips and 15 minute rounds. I wanted to make sure the levels were good and everyone could put in enough time to play. The tournament ended up going three hours with the final four chopping the prize pool. I was very happy with the results.

I was also able to get a live game going before the tournament ended. Once the tournament players got to the final table the other table was then set up for live and away we went. There were eight players going and when the players started busting out of the tournament they wanted to play live as well. When the group chopped the prize pool that opened the second table and we had two live tables running. The live game went about 3 hours before players started getting tired and decided to call it a night.

It looks like I will need to build a third table to keep up with the amount of players that want to play in this game. I enjoy putting the games together and watching everyone have fun.

I will play again on Thursday evening in a Pub that has a weekly game going. They are looking for dealers for their game and I might do that to keep up my skills in dealing. I don’t plan on looking for a job again as a dealer but doing this on the side would be fun.

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