Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Poker 6-13

How about playing some poker. Tonight was an adventure that I probably won't do again for a long time. No amount of reading ever prepares you enough for what you will see and experience. Tonight I started out my adventure at the tournament table.

As always it is hard for me to remember hands that I have played unless something really sticks out about the hand. I played very conservative tonight and the table was doing about the same. I was trying to play position and of course playing the best hands I could. If I didn't get anything on the flop then I was out of there. I didn't go fishing for cards and throw my chips out when I had raisers in front of me. I wanted to do well. At some point you have to start playing and building the chip count. That is the area that needs to be worked on.

Tonight I came in 13th out of 27 players. As always I do well in the middle of the pack and I know if I can get to the final table anything can happen. Tonight I was 3 players away from making that table. Actually when I look back at my play tonight I don't think I would have changed anything. I didn't get the cards on the flop that I needed. Any Ace or Face card I got was with a weak kicker anyway. I never got two pairs even if I threw my good ones away. Oh well, I will keep playing and try to improve on my play.

Now for the adventure. I stayed around and played in a cash game $4-$8. That was interesting in itself. I have been doing some reading on this type of play and I wanted to try it. Before it started tonight I went over to one of the dealers and asked them about playing the table. He explained the betting portion of it and so I bought my chips and sat down. I put myself in seat 10 so I would be near the dealer just in case he needed to help me with the betting action.

This is such a different type of game. I saw people call and raise just to see cards. It didn't matter what you had. You wanted to see the flop and see if you could help yourself by the cards that would come up. Now I must say I did win some pots. But I must also say that I was the biggest fish there. I just tried to not look like I didn't know what I was doing. I wanted to at least give a good showing. Which I think I did. Now, of course, I did go out and left all of my chips on the table in someone elses area. I probably will not do this again. After I left the Casino tonight I was more determined to get better at tournament play. I enjoy that type of poker more than the cash game.

I am having some back problems right now and I don't know how that is going to affect my golf game. I haven't taken any clubs out to swing them and see if I will be favoring my left side. That won't help the golf swing any. We have a tournament coming up the last of June and I definitely want to be able to play.

Having fun.

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