Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poker Night 6-6

I keep forgetting to write my blog on my poker adventure. An adventure it is right now. Maybe I am doing too much reading and trying to do too much. I like the saying " Amateurs work at it till they get it right and professionals work at it till they can't get it wrong". I need to just keep working at it and getting it right.

Poker night started out alright and I played conservative. Not too many hands came my way. This time I really did get blinded down to one 500 chip. That is when you go all in and not surprise anyone and you get taken out. Ok, 18th out of 25. At least I was not the first one out.

I am not ready to go home so I immediately go over to the blackjack table and sit down. I played for a while on the chips I had and then finally ran out of that too. Ok, this night is not a good night for me. I then go over to the poker room and watch the final 5 players play out the tournament.

After that was over with I went over and watched the live cash game. I talked with one of the people that plays live games and we discussed the differences in the games and how to play it. I watched one person start out with $80 and work it up to over $300. It is an interesting way to play and if you catch the cards you can do well. Maybe even earn your money back. I had purchased a couple of books on live cash games and started reading the book. I must have 5 books going now at the same time. 3 on Tournament play and 2 on cash game play. I hope I can learn something. Or at least be more confused.

Tomorrow night is another poker night. I am looking at playing in the tournament and then seeing if I can play some of the cash game. At least give it a try.

This last Sunday I did not play golf. I was on call and I just wasn't going to chance it being on the golf course since I was at the job for 7 hours on Saturday for a system upgrade. Thank goodness I wasn't out there since I did get about 5 calls from 0751 to 1100. That would have been my time out on the course.

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