Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poker Night 6-27

Since I did not play golf this last weekend I did not write a blog. I did nothing, absolutely nothing. Ok, I did go to a birthday party.

I look forward to the Wednesday evening poker at Island's. This evening I chose my seat and it was seat 8. It is hard for me to see the cards on the ends of the table. This week I noticed they have new cards and they are smaller numbers and suits. For me they are harder to see. Enough of the complaint. Or is that an excuse?

At the table we have some people that will push and make you make decisions on your cards. One player started pushing and raising and I had AQ. A Q came on the flop and he raised again. Since the Q was the highest card I had top pair. I followed and called him. The turn and the river were lower cards yet and so I felt my Q's were good. What I couldn't see was that there were 3 clubs on the table. I thought the Q was a spade. He ended up with flush and there went a lot of my chips.

Ok, now we have to play conservative and try to get some chips back. From 500 in chips I won an all in and got to 1500. Now with about 16 players left I was looking for another all in move to get more chips. We got down to 14 players and I came up with pocket 4's. Not a great hand but then again I need some chips. I go all in and I get one caller. He had pocket 7's. He ended up winning the pot and I was out of the tournament at 14th place.

The only thing I would have changed tonight was that one hand and if I would have noticed the flush on the table I don't think I would have called so much. That one hand bothers me tonight and I usually don't give away so many chips in one hand. I think what bothers me the most is not seeing the club on the card. I will let it go but at least give me a few hours to stew over the hand and then I'll be alright.

Golf this Saturday in the Hospital employee tournament. Looking forward to it.

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