Thursday, May 31, 2007

Poker Wednesday

I knew I was ready to play some poker. I have been reading a new book by Ken Warren on playing no limit hold'em and I was ready to go. Should I say that again, I was ready to go. I drew my seat and ended up between 2 sharks. This table tonight was full of very good players. I was in trouble. These guys are getting ready to head to the WSOP. Again, I was in trouble. Ok, enough of the feeling like I was a guppie in a shark tank.

Play your game and be smart. Play conservative and get some chips from these guys. At this table as well there were two individuals that were new to the game. They have played online and so I figured the sharks will go after them. Which they did right off the bat. They were showing these two what they were going to do and they were playing super aggressive with them. When they would limp or raise the pot someone would reraise them. I tried to stay away from getting involved.

My first good hand was pocket K's. Raise it up and get it down to one person. I get 3 total that call. The flop comes out 1089. My K's have to be good. I threw a raise in and I get called and raised by 2 individuals. After that I knew my hand was no good. I ended up throwing the hand away and thank goodness I did. The winning player had a straight. I could have lost more than I did. Again this puts me down to about 1300 in chips.

A couple of hands later I get AQ. Here I go again and raise the pot after 3 individuals call and I then go all in. Then I get 2 callers with all-in and now we wait for the 5 remaining cards. I didn't get anything and was out of the tournament.

I was not into this game tonight. I played too loose and was not paying attention. Got to do better. So, I decided to go do something I knew I could handle. I went over to the Blackjack table and started playing. I won back half of the money I spent on Poker so it wasn't a complete loss for the night. This part of the evening was fun. When the table got down to just me and the dealer I decided to call it quits for the night. I was up in chips and I don't do well playing one on one with the dealer. Oh well, better luck next week.

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