Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weird Poker night

Tonight I played poker at Island's Casino and I have never experienced one of these nights. I hope to stay away from these in the future.

We had 25 players tonight. That means we have 5 alternates and tonight we should move a little bit faster than last friday evening. I was sitting in the number 1 seat. In seat number 4 there was a player that was not very friendly to anyone. On the first hand he made a play at the pot and won and the person in seat 3 said to him nice hand. Seat 4 tells him not to give him compliments. Basically not to say anything to him. He does sit there and during the next 30 minutes or so he makes the most bizarre plays. Holding his cards out over the line as people are making plays and standing up talking to the player saying he wanted to go home and call him and then saying he has the best hand and not to call him. Then in the last 30 minutes I was there he didn't say a word and he basically did not play a hand. He just shut down. He was aggressive and then turned conservative. Whatever he was doing he did outlast me.

I was very conservative tonight. I did get A3 and played it for 2 pair and won the pot but other than that it was stuff like 74, 92, 102. Stuff that is hard to even try to bluff or even try to see a flop. The one hand I did not play that would have been a good one to play was 44. There could have been 3 of us in the pot with the players showing 99 and JJ. A 4 came on the turn. I would have had a set. I could have won a good size pot with that. You have to pay to play. The last hand I played was KJ suited. I lost to A6 and two pair. That was my evening. I did get to 12th place out of 25 players. Two out of the final table where anything can happen.

I finished reading Dan Harrington's volume one and will have to read it again. I have now started volume two and this one talks about different styles of play. I have been wanting to sign up for the WPT 2 day class where I would be able to attend a workshop on how to play and then the pro's would watch you and critique your play. The closer I get to that time I am wanting to attend. They are coming to Wildhorse in November or December.

Well, back to the drawing board and will wait till next week to try it again. Golf this Sunday at 6:42. Of course it is Mothers Day.

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