Monday, May 28, 2007

Poker 5-23

Wednesday night poker and I am ready to go play. I got a call last night and was told that the group I play home games with was having a tournament and so I figured tonight I would not play at Islands and go play the home game.

When people put beer and poker together it just doesn't work for me. I try to serious when I play and when I do play a hand it is usually the best hand, at least I think so, and I want the person that beats me to be playing their best hand as well. To go all-in with nothing just to be doing it doesn't go very well with me. In this tournament it was decided you could rebuy if you go out. Now even if you go out 3rd or 4th and you wanted to rebuy you could. This was going to make for a long evening as well.

I eventually went all in with a KJ and was beat with A6 and the A came on the flop. I did do a rebuy at that time. Played a few more hands and you could tell the beer and the trash talking was getting more and more at the table. I got a AK and decided to go all-in and was called by someone with Pocket 10's. Of course I did loose the hand.

Ok, I decided I had had enough and went home. Not feeling very good about the game I just played. I will have to chalk this one up to just for fun and even though it wasn't a lot of fun I did get to play.

I have been thinking about getting back into blackjack. Island's does have a blackjack tournament on Thursday's and Friday's that runs the same time the Poker tournament runs. At least give it a try and see how I do with this tournament style. I do enjoy Blackjack and the strategy that is played. I do not count cards and figure it would be too much to try to do that. Just watching the cards and playing the best hand with what the dealer shows is good enough for me.

Next up is Memorial Weekend and Golf on Sunday.

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