Sunday, May 06, 2007

Friday Poker

I was called at work by D wanting to know if I wanted to go play poker tonight since our wifes were going to be working on the Yard Sale and getting everything priced. I didn't have to be asked twice on that one. Friday evening poker.

We arrived at our usual time around 5 PM and already they were in the second page of names. Island's Casino only has 2 tables available so once they get to 20 then the alternates start. We went and had dinner while waiting for 6 o'clock.

The first 20 got seated and the cards were in the air. At that time we found out that there were 23 alternates waiting to get into the game. Total players 43. That is the most I have ever seen in a tournament. I was hoping I could last through this many and at least see the final table.

I started out seeing some good cards and started building my chip count. D was on my left again. That now makes twice he is sitting on my left and I really don't like that. At one point I played A8 and an A8x came on the river. We both got some chips in the pot and he told me sorry steve I have to do this. I figured I was going to start loosing my chips to him again. He turned over A2 and I ended up taking the pot. I was thinking he had a possible AA a when he showed the A2 I was relieved.

I did get taken out 34th. The table was very tight and even the dealer was making fun of everyone auto folding. Everyone was trying to last as long as they could. D was taken out at 24th place and this now was 8:30PM. That was 2 and a half hours for almost 20 people to go out. The way the Casino does the alternate thing is they will hold the blinds at 100/200 until the last alternate is in the game. Once this takes place they will then play one hand at 100/200 and then go to 200/400. It starts to really take off from that point. Blinds are moving faster and players will need to play or get blinded out.

It was fun. This next week I will probably be playing on Thursday evening since I will be doing something that will take me till 5PM for work and then I will be involved with taking stuff down.

I have been reading Dan Harrington's book and have been paying attention to the chapters on Pre-Flop and now reading about Post-Flop play. How to bet, when to bet and how much to bet. The more I read I hope I can use the information during tournament play.

Sunday is golf day. It has been two weeks since I played last and we will have to see how rusty I am. The group is going to be playing a Best Ball tournament in June. We will be ready.

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