Friday, April 09, 2010

Days are better

Maybe I should just post on the blog on Fridays. I would like to keep up with what is going on but it gets hard. I have been working on the platform setup with Scottrade and then at night have been playing poker. If I can get into a routine and let all the other stuff just take a back seat that would be good as well.

Trading has gotten off to a good start. I have been working on my trading plan ( Business Plan ) and that takes time to write up how you want to be trading. I would like to make it like a Policy and Procedure type of thing so anyone could take over for me and trade the same way I would. Anybody want to try that out for me when I am done? The other part of this is trying to find the trades so I can start my trading. I see where it would be easier to be a Day Trader since you could close your positions before the market closes. I am a Swing Trader and must keep my trades overnight. I don't mind holding the trade as long as it is going in the direction of my trade. I have some ideas on what I am going to do about locating the equities I will want to trade. I am also trying to pick a few equities that are basically local and something I know something about and follow them as well as trade them if they look like they are going in a good trend.

Poker is doing well and I feel better about how I am playing. I had three first places this past week. Nice for the pocket. I did tell a few at the previous job that when I made good money I would take them out to lunch. If this keeps up I will honor that at some point. At least it shows that I can and will make it. I think it is a good goal since it is achievable. I qualified for the Main Event Qualifier the other night as well. Now I will play on Sunday for a chance to be seated in the WSOP Main Event. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants. I would like to play well and give myself the opportunity to be in Las Vegas come Main Event time. The coaching that I have gotten has really helped the game quite a bit. I am anxious for the week of the 19th since I will be spending some time at Wildhorse playing in a couple of tournaments and attending a seminar on No Limit Hold'em. That will be it for April. After that it is May and the trip to Las Vegas. I have my plane ticket and will be staying at the Rio for 4 nights. WSOP starts during that time so it will be fun to spend some time in the players area. More on that later.

This last week we were also able to have the new garage door put up. It was so nice to be able to walk out and push the button and watch the door open and then close. The next order of business is to clean out the garage. I would like to sheetrock the walls and empty out the storage and bring that all home. I need to get a door for the garage as well. Hopefully I can have Bill put that in for us so it will be cleaner inside. Mowing has started and it looks like once every two weeks right now. I am still working on the backyard to get grass back in there. So much to do and not enough time.

I am reading a couple of books right now. I am reading "A beginner's guide to short-term trading" by Toni Turner and at the same time I am reading "The complete turtle trader" by Michael W. Covel. Both of them are good reads. I am also spending time reading my Poker magazines. I have two subscriptions Bluff and Poker Pro. I enjoy both of them for the updates on what is going on with the players. Of course they have great articles.

We have N and E living with us right now and she will start her clinicals at the local hospital for the month. N has started college classes and is waiting for deployment. Exciting times for them.

Work the Solution not the Problem.

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