Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playing Poker

I guess I should try to catch everyone up on what is happening in my little world. Playing Poker and working on the stock equities has been keeping me busy.

I found a place online that I can watch and get some ideas on the equities that might be good to play. I will still need to do the due diligence but it does give me some ideas of what to play. I did get myself into one stock and then it came back on me and stopped me out. I was able to raise the stop loss enough that I broke even with the cost. I consider it good practice then. I will get back at it when this week is overwith.

Poker has been going strong this week. Wildhorse casino is in full swing and on Monday I went down there and listened to Linda, Jan, Marsha, Susie, and Barb. Five Poker Hall of Fame players give us pointers on how to play the game. I then went out and got into a Live 2 - 5 NLHE and came away with profit after 3 hours of sitting at the table. That makes you feel good. Then today I went back down there to play in the Seniors Tournament. I wish I could have listened to what I learned the previous day. My mind was not on the tournament. I was having vehicle issues and I knew I needed to purchase new tires before going home. I found the belt broken on the tire when I got down there and would explain what I was experiencing driving the truck. As I said my mind was somewhere else. We had T$5000 starting stack and I ended up going all in with AK with T$3700. Why would I do that with so much left and AK is just another hand in poker after the flop. The other guy got his straight and I got the door. I can't wait to go to Las Vegas and get some help with my game. I now have to decide if I am going to play on Thursday and Sunday.

On Saturday we went to Spokane to move Nick and Emma back to the Tri-Cities. Nick is back home and going to school.

One other item about Poker. I have been playing some qualifying tournaments for the WSOP Main Event and with 30,000 players vying for 5 spots it is very hard. I am getting through half the field before going out. As long as they keep offering I am going to keep trying to win $12,000 to go to Las Vegas.

Have a good week.

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