Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

Well, it is about time I got on here and updated the blog on what is going on in Stevie's World.

I have spent this last week playing poker at Wildhorse in Pendleton, OR. I was getting used to the drive down there. I went down on Monday this last week to listen to a seminar on playing NLHE. The next day I went down and played in the Seniors tournament. My truck was having issues with tires so after the tournament I went to Les Schwab and purchased a couple of new tires. The truck was pulling to the right real hard. Figured out it was a tire that got down to the wires. Then I had the brakes looked at and found that one of the calipers was not moving. That could have caused part of the issues. All fixed except I want the truck looked at for an alignment. Back to poker. I played on Sunday in the final event at Wildhorse. I was sitting on the left of Marsha Waggoner. It seems that whenever I play there I am at the same table as her. At least this time I didn't go out by her. Actually I was sitting in the middle of two professionals. I really tried to mind my P's and Q's. I actually was following their lead on playing. I didn't play but a couple of hands during the time I was there. I went out of the tournament with AK vs 55 and the flop was A55xx. I of course followed him all-in and then went out of the tournament. Oh well, another tournament done. I am anxious to get to Las Vegas and get some training. Another month and I will be there.

As far as FT and PS are concerned I am doing well with the tournaments. I am building my BR from the tournaments I am playing. I am trying to follow what my coach wants me to do and if I do that I should be alright. Last night was a first place. I was trying for a couple of weeks to get a seat at the WSOP Main Event. That was not going well. I can at least dream. I keep saying some day I will play in an event down there. That would be a good goal.

I have been working on my equities trading. Today is a down day. Everything is going south it seems. All of the stocks I was watching and ready to make a move on are now quite a bit away from my entry prices. If I am not in I am not loosing. Right now the QQQQ are over a $1 down. The Goldman Sachs issue doesn't help as well. You can see the influence they have on the market right now. There is always tomorrow. I will work up some more trades and be ready.

I am reading a number of books right now. I am still reading "The Complete TurtleTrader" by Covel and then I am reading "Harrington on Hold'em" by Harrington. If that is not enough I am also reading "A Beginners Guide to Short Term Trading" by Turner. All are very good books. I am also reading my standard poker magazines. I have never been much of a reader but now I can find the time and try to fill my mind with good information.

We had a visit from Cindy's sister and her husband this last weekend. It was fun to spend some time with them and go to a very nice restaurant here call Magills. Good food and some good time spent. I missed the breakfast the next morning as I was headed to Pendleton.

Until next time.....

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