Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Summer Updates

Once the Re-finance, of the house, was completed it was time to get the two most important jobs done to the house. We decided to finish the roof and paint the house. Two years ago we had the re-roof started and now we can get it done. We have lived in this house since 1992 and have never repainted so now we will get that done as well. I called some contractors to put in their bids and now we will get this done. The roof was first and it looks nice having the whole thing looking the same now. Painting starts next week. Since we didn't get the whole amount we wanted in the re-finance we are limited in what we can accomplish and will work on the rest of the stuff as we go along. I kept telling my wife that I don't snore. She says otherwise. I have been so tired and sleepy for a long time and figured it was all the diabetes. I finally told my doctor about how tired and fatiqued I was and he referred me to a sleep lab. I really didn't like the thought that someone would be watching me sleep. I am glad I did. I was told on the first night that they got some really good information and that I would probably be called back in for another to set up the CPAP machine and sleep with that. I was called a few days later and the next appointment was all set. I went in for the second night and was set up on a machine and the next day I felt pretty good. It was different sleeping with the machine and at times I felt I wasn't getting enough air but it worked out and I wasn't afraid of sleeping with something on my face. My appointment with the doctor was the following week and he came in the room and said I had hit hall of fame numbers for apnea during the night. I had apnea spells as long as 1 1/2 minutes. Wow, no wonder I was tired the following day. I have my machine now and he started it out with minimum pressures to see how I will do with the machine and how I will feel. Today I am headed over to see my Dad and maybe take him to lunch. It all depends on how he is feeling. Have a fun day......

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