Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Painting the House

Just a few weeks ago we had the new roof put on the rest of the house.  Two years ago we had enough money to be able to get the front half done. 

One of the things we have done since around 2007 is have no credit cards and pay for everything we need with cash.  If we don't have it then we don't purchase the items.  We can get by with little food since it is only the two of us and we are not trying to feed children. 

We do the same with our house.  We look for the things that have to be done and then we work on getting the money available to finish the jobs we have planned.  Sometimes it takes longer than what we expect.  As in the roof it took two years to be able to complete the job but it is now done.  We also have the painting done as of this week.  Two big projects.

My wife was looking for a "Toupe" color and she was not very successful.  Some of the houses around us have also used this color type and we wanted to be a little different.  We drove around to some of the newer housing areas and looked at the colors people were using.  We found a very nice light greenish color that would go well on the house as well in the neighborhood. 

Yesterday was paint day.  I left to go into town for about three hours and when I arrived back home the house was done but in the brown color.  I was not expecting this and walked into the yard and said it is the wrong color.  We laughed and I said it should be more of a green than the brown.  I figured maybe the green would show up when it dried.

After the painters left I went back out to the side of the house where the paint was located and looked at the labels and found out the main color was wrong.  It was definately brown and not the right number.  Then my wife comes home and she really did not like it.  I called the owner of the paint company and he called the store where he bought the paint and sure enough the paint store did not have the right color listed.  Whoever took the phone call did not write the proper number down.

Now by the end of the day we will have the correct color on the house and everyone will be happy.

I really need to go spend some time playing Disc Golf or play some Poker.

Have a fun day......


lightning36 said...

I really have to get someone to look at our roof and give us a status report, but I don't want to hear what I know is coming.

Steve said...

We ended up paying about $6500 to get the house and garage done. Not too bad.