Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer is Here

It has been hard for me to just sit down and write for this blog. I have had a number of things happen and I did not end up putting them down on paper to get it into the blog. The last item I shared was the Poker League I was playing in on Wednesday nights. It was fun and I continued to have some good nights. The second week I ended up going out real early so that brought me back into the field as far as my points. The next three weeks I did much better and got myself into fourth place for the final week and I needed to have a good game, to get myself into the money, which was paying down to third place. I was able to outlast the person in third position but the person behind me outlasted me and I ended up staying in fourth and just missed the money by one spot. I did get money for the first night and that paid for one of the evenings. The end of the quarter came around in June and I was happy to see the summer arrive and I would now get the summer off and start up again in September. Because I am scheduled to continue my classes I will not have to look for work yet. With all of the government stuff going on I will have to pay for my next quarter and will be reimbursed sometime in October or November. I am hoping the state will keep up with their end of the agreement and I can finish what I started. Finding a job will be the hard part when this is done. With all of this going on I have not played poker like I wanted to do during the summer. I missed out on the Summer Wildhorse Casino tournaments as well. Too much going on and the money has not been there for me to play like I wanted. I am hoping to play more live cash games and not play the tournaments. I just have to decide where and when to play. I like the 3-6 limit games and have not looked at anything higher. I may have to take a weekend and go to Spokane to sit in their games once a month. I know that doesn’t get me playing very much but unless I sit in the 2-20 game in town I won’t find what I like or am comfortable with. The other item that has been taking up some time has been refinancing our home. It took us over a month to get this finalized. I ended up redoing the master bathroom so we could get the refinance accepted by the mortgage underwriters. This was my first time doing something like this and I think it turned out alright. I have always stated I am not a construction person, but then again, I did get it done in a week with some help from family members. I am having issues posting pictures and will have to post later. Have a fun day……

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