Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Taking Up New Sport

I decided to try something new this past week.  I have some friends that play Disc Golf and I will go out and sit in my truck and watch the players throw the disk around this course.  It didn't look to hard and the course is shorter than a golf course.  How hard can this be?

I drove up to the store that had these discs and decided to purchase one.  These players are carrying around twenty of them, if not more, and I just knew that each disc did something different.  I asked the guy at the register which one I should purchase if I was new at this game.  He pulled down a Mid-Driver and told me I could use this one to get started.  So, with my new purchase I headed out to the course.

I stood at the first tee, not knowing where to throw the disk, and figured it would have to be in this certain area.  Hopefully I could find my way around this course, especially with no one else around to ask questions.  I threw the disk like I would throw a frisbee and it didn't go very far.  I was just hoping no one was watching me trying to learn.  I picked up the disk and could see a pole with some chains on it and threw to hit.  Again it did not go very far. 

As  I was playing the eighth hole I saw one of my friends playing the second hole.  He asked me to join them and he let me use his Driver and then I would use the Mid-Driver for the closer shots.  There is a difference in the disks and they fly different.  Hence the numbers on the disk to let you know what it would do in flight.

I ended up playing about fourteen holes that day and learned quite a bit.  When I got done I asked about the disks and what should a beginner like me use.  My friend told me what to purchase and I went back to the store and purchased a Driver, and something called a Pug for a putter.  So now I have three disks, a driver, mid-driver and a putter.  I am anxious to go back out and try out my new disks.

The house is being painted this week and I have been working on putting up a new fence.  Not a good time to go play some disc golf.

Have a fun day......


Team MiRketti said...

You can't beat disk golf it's relatively inexpensive or free and it's a lot of fun.

I went swimming near a hole next to water and found a lot of the disks I have used. I found drivers and putters.

We made up our own course around the neighborhood when we were in college. I'm sure the neighbor's hated us.

Enjoy your new sport.

Steve said...

I am having fun learning to throw the disks and it only takes about an hour to play 9 holes. Pretty quick compared to golf.