Thursday, May 13, 2010

It is getting warmer

The market has not been very good to be trading as a swing trader. It is even harder for the day traders. I keep watching for the market to settle down and then start moving in a direction where I can start looking for trades again. It is better to be liquid than to be in a position of loosing your positions. The service I watch is now starting to give out some information on stocks but I will wait. I hate to loose as much in this as I do in poker. I work on emotions to keep them under control.

Poker is doing well. I have been playing at FT and PS and mostly live. Got to keep that bankroll moving. I am getting more excited to go to Las Vegas at the end of the month. I would like to be able to play in the evening when classes are done. Today I went to Jokers and played in the tournament. We started with T$5000 and when we got to the final table I was close to short stack. I have been getting better playing short handed. This is when I start getting more aggressive and by the time I got to 3rd place I was starting to get to the chip leader position. By the time we got rid of the 3rd place person and there was two of us left I really got aggressive and was able to pull out 1st place. Each time I do that I have good results with this live game. This builds my bankroll as well. Will keep working at it and hopefully Las Vegas will help as well.

Having fun with low stress.


dbcooper said...

Gl in Vegas. Are you playing a WSOP event??

Steve said...

No. I will be doing the WSOP Academy. I would like to be able to play. That would be fun.