Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Night

I had a couple of thoughts today and I just had to write about them.

I was reading some forum letters and one of them was about reading books. Through out my life I have been a non reader of books. I just couldn't stand the idea to sit down to read a book. The mid 90's came around and that is when I got into the stock market and for some reason I was starting to gather a library of books around me about the stock market, commodities, futures, currencies, options. I have a whole library on this stuff. And yes I read just about everyone of them. If not all of a book I would read the parts that were of interest to me. After that I went back to not reading very much. I would try to read a fiction book at least once per year. Just to say that I did read.

Here we are now and I am back to reading again. If you read my blog you would see I am reading not one but two or three books at a time and then have magazines around me reading them too. Now I have quite a library on Poker. I again have been reading them and I must say like before I do learn from them. Sometimes I will get a book and just read the parts that interest me but I still have the book in my library. Oh yes, I have been buying stock books again.

We have moved from the Industrial age in our economy to the Information age. We have so much information out there that people are eating this knowledge up. Just my opinion. But think about it. We are thirsty for information and we will get it either by computer, phone, books, ebooks, anything. Now I am a very visual person so reading a book gets me the information but if I have a chance to see it in action I learn and do better with it. I guess I can regurgitate it back and do well. I prefer the visual. Anyway just my thoughts on reading material.

We were watching the Marriage Ref tonight and the episode we were watching had the couple on it that he was numbering his socks. Wow, what a concept. I have wanted to find a way that when you buy socks that the same two socks were always together and to not mix them up with other socks of the same kind. They should be numbered or have a letter on them to organize them better. From someone who likes their socks put in color coordination, shirts put in color coordination and then have t-shirts put in the same location on the hangers just makes sense to me. I am just saying.

Tonight was not much on poker but you get my drift? I am taking a new direction in my poker playing and will start this next week so after I get started I will write about it and let you know.

Stay organized.

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