Monday, May 17, 2010

Stormy Monday

Today I am starting my new poker journey. I have decided to start playing heads up poker and I am going to play five tournaments each day this week. I will also continue with my live tournament play at Jokers Casino and also play a 9 player SnG per day as well. Should be enough poker. So far today:

Heads Up = 1 win and 4 losses
Jokers = I am working on a streak of final tables now with 4 in a row winning one.
SnG = Ended up in 5th place in this tournament.

Tonight I ended up at the final table and went out in 10th place. My pocket 10's ran into pocket J's. It was a rough night as the table was playing a lot of aggressive poker. I tried to wait it out and play the best hands and I at least made it to the final table.

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