Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Tournament

Well, that didn't go very well. The one tournament I like to play and today I just couldn't get any cards.

I have a strategy I like to use for this tournament and it has always done well for me. Today it was my downfall. I think it had to do with the people at the table more than it did with the strategy. Every time I did try to play a hand I was either raised or called and the flop did me in after that. I had KK, QQ, 99, and 33's. Maybe I need to open my range just a little bit more.

I was in the the 300/600 blind round and had about T$6000 left. That would make it around 10BB's and time to go all in. I found the 33's and pushed. I was called with a person with A10 and the flop came 1010x. All I can say is not tonight.

This week I will hit the books again on tournament play to see what I could have done differently if anything. I will attempt to play the 2-20 cash game on Thursday night as well. Until then have a good weekend.

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