Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cash Game

It has been almost a whole week since I put something in this blog. This week has been really busy. My Mom was put in the hospital on Tuesday and was discharged on Wednesday. Spent Sunday night in the Emergency Department with Mom as well.

This evening I decided it was time to spend some time playing in the cash game at Jokers Casino. The product of not being able to play online. Anybody need a gas pumper. Need a job. The game was the 2-20 spread. I had some really good hands this evening. Quite a few pocket pairs that actually turned into something. I realize I need to play differently in a cash game and will adjust for the game.

The end of my night ended with 33 and the flop came KK3 and there were 6 players and I checked and the other five checked as well. The turn came 8 and everyone checked again. I really wanted someone to call. The river came Q. I bet and everyone folded. The player next to me folded a 3 with two pair. How could he not bet?

I ended the night in the positive with my limited bankroll and it was a good start. I will play in the tournament tomorrow at 3PM.

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