Friday, December 17, 2010

Surgery Completed

Today is the day after. The surgery went well and I spent one night in the hospital. I am now home and in some pain. I will be taking my medication and trying to rest and get the pain to slow down. It is nice to be able to move my arm around and not have the pain.

I did get some extra on this surgery as well. The doctor told me that this surgery would last 2 hours. It actually lasted about 3 hours. When she got in there she noticed that the disk was breaking apart and floating around. She had to clean out the area to be able to fix it. So another extra on the surgery.

I must say I am very tired and I want to make sure I don't catch pneumonia. I was intubated during the surgery and I have been coughing up some scretions. My esophagus and trachea are very sore from having to be moved aside to allow the work to be done on the spine. Today the incision area is being painful as well. Everything starting to catch up with me so I will be on meds for about 2 weeks until this settles down. As I think of things to write about I will do that. I am anxious to get back to playing poker. I can sit at the table now.

Have a good weekend.

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