Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday Poker

It has been awhile since I have been able to play at Jokers Casino. Yesterday afternoon I drove through the snow to get to the casino. I felt a little rusty and I knew not to expect too much but at the same time I should be able to play my game. There were 30 players at $35 buyin and we received T$10,000 in chips. I like this tournament with the 20 minute rounds.

It went really well for me through the rounds and I was always able to chip up each time. I did make some good decisions during the tournament. I made a big mistake towards the middle of the tournament for myself. I had KQ and the turn came 10-8-J. When I looked at the board I saw a 9 instead of an 8. I decided to 3Bet the flop and see if I could induce a call or take the pot down at that time. After the bet I then looked at the board again and found out I had read the board wrong. I was on a draw instead of a made hand. I ended up folding the hand and down some chips that I really hated to loose.

We went from 3 tables down to 2 and we started up again. With 16 players left and blinds at 500/1000 I looked at my hole cards and was holding QQ. At this time I had T$10,000 left in my stack and that was 10 Big Blinds to play with. I had made up my mind to slow play the hand and get a few people in and then go Allin on the Flop. The Flop came AxA and I decided it was time. Allin for the rest of my chips and was called. I looked at the other player and asked him if he had an Ace and he said yes. The only thing I needed now was a Q to get a Full House. It didn't come and I was out of the tournament in 16th.

Now I go through the process did I make a good move or should I have folded and held on to the T$7,000 I had left and hope for a better spot? I have been training myself not to go allin until I have to and this might not have been the spot.

This is the picture the other day. We are getting more snow as I speak. Roads are not safe.

This week will be very busy for me. I have a Dentist, Neurology and Diabetes visit with the Doctors. I hope they all go well.

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