Friday, November 12, 2010

Sad Sad Day

This is another sad day for the state of Washington. Full Tilt has sent out emails telling all of the Washington players that they are no longer able to play with real money on their site. All of this happened after about a month since PokerStars had told their players they were stopping them from playing on their site. This is so wrong in so many ways. And to top it off if you are caught playing you are classified the same as a rapist. Does that make any sense? Washington you have it all wrong. This is totally wrong.

I have been able to play on both Pokerstars and FullTilt and I use the site for practice for my strategy for live play. I am not a professional so I don't have bunches of money on the sites. This gave me a chance to play very low limit games to better my skills in hope of someday making some big paydays on the felt. What is wrong with that? Now I am forced to go to casinos and practice where I am considered a fish amongst sharks. I will have to learn fast or my bankroll will be gone and then another person is lost playing the game they love.

You hear that the poker game is luck and not skill. If you believe that then you should try the game. It is very much skill and you need to learn all the facets of playing the game to get better. What about horse race betting? Of course the lawmakers will keep that going. So much skill in that game. I am just saying it is just wrong to make this game illegal. What about the Lotto? Is that luck or skill? How much money is spent on that one and people loose big time hoping for the big cash. Addiction? If the state wanted to they could tax poker and that would help the coffers for the state. I don't think we are saying not tax the game but to just let us play the game we love.

Come on Washington State lets get this corrected and do something right for a change.

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