Sunday, November 14, 2010


Now that the reality of Washington State not allowing individuals to play poker online is hitting home it has to make me sit back and wonder about how I am going to proceed for my quest in playing and learning poker. Being able to play online has helped me learn strategy and has given me the skills that I need to keep pursuing the dream. The options are very slim and of course I am unable to just get up and move to a different state. When you have family and jobs that does make it hard. I do know one thing and that is I will not give up on my dream.

Finding a good structured game here in this town is hard. When the rounds are 10 and 15 minutes it makes it hard to work skill and you end up hoping for luck. I prefer to make my own luck. If I wanted to spend my money on luck I would do the state thing of playing Lotto. Talk about ripping money away from the Washington people. At least poker gave us a chance of getting money back.

I suppose I will now end up finding games in this town that will cost a little bit more and try to find the structures that will benefit me. I wouldn't mind trying out the cash games but then I have to watch the bankroll as well. Live vs Tournament play. Where is the best opportunity? Of course one other item now I will try to accomplish is to get my money out of the online company. Hopefully that will go well.

We were informed yesterday morning that our Son, who was nominated for Sailor of the Quarter, had won the distinction. We are proud of our Son and even though he has not been to Iraq or Afghanastan the possibility is always there and I know he is ready to serve when asked. Last night we were at a party and I listened to a person talk down the award and basically made fun of it. I think that is totally wrong and especially not showing our service people the respect they should have. The award is something that our son did not go after, it was something that his peers bestowed upon him for the job he is doing for our country. My family taught us that if you can't say anything nice then don't say it at all.

This week is a new week in the Stock Market and I will be looking for some entry points. Looks like the market is correcting and that should help with some possible short trades.

Having Fun.......except online.

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