Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Aftermath

Now that I have had some time to calm down about playing online poker I guess the next business at hand is to move my bankroll back into my local account. Mind you I didn't have a lot of funds in the online sites but I had enough that I didn't have to reload all the time. In fact I think I only reloaded on both accounts the amount of fingers on one hand. I was able to always keep myself going by placing in tournaments and not worrying about having to put more money in the account.

The first one was Pokerstars and I didn't have very much in that account so I just transferred that money to a friend and lets hope he grows that money into something big. Rooting for you Johnny!!!! The account for FullTilt is a different story. I had decided to play in the biggest tournaments and cash games that I could with this bankroll and if I lost the money then so be it.

First off I started with the Cash game and after a couple of games I had doubled my bankroll. I was totally surprised since I was playing such low stakes games that I figured I was the fish amongst all the sharks. I was very happy with the double up. The last thing I did was play in a tournament that was 1/4 of my bankroll and I had a blast with the tournament. I came in second and tripled my bankroll. I guess I should have been playing at these stakes all along. I look at it as Risk and Reward.

Well, now that Fulltilt has closed my Live account I have asked them to send my money to me. I sent out the request and today I got the notification that it was approved to be sent and it is on its way to my bank. Lets hope there are no complications with this and when it arrives I will put this with my bankroll for live tournaments and continue to grow the account. I might even try to play some cash game of 2-20 Spread. Not my favorite but it is worth a shot to see if I can get the bankroll to grow. I will try not to be the fish swimming with sharks.

I was a little late getting into the stock market this time. I read the charts correctly and had an idea of what was going to happen and I sat back and watched it happen as expected. I ended up being a couple of days late and since I won't chase the stocks I will watch from the sideline this time and be prepared to get back in within a few days. Christmas season is coming and retail shopping is here. I suppose the markets will move higher until the end of the year. At least that is what I am looking for. I will be ready for the next move.

I did have the neck injection for the C7 Spine and to this date I have no relief. I am scheduled to visit with my physician in about three weeks and we may be looking at surgery. So hard to sleep at night.

Having Fun.......

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