Friday, November 19, 2010

End of the Week

Today is now done. It is nice to be going into the weekend and to be able to get some rest from all the madhouse stuff that has gone on for the week.

Today I spent an hour in the dentist chair. Thankfully my dentist gives me medication that allows me to sit there and they can then work on my mouth and get the job done. If it wasn't for the calming medication I would be on the ceiling of the place with all of the nice pictures of waterfalls and mountains. Everyone is really nice there and I do appreciate the staff allowing me to be wacked out during the procedure.

I played in a home game the other night and I came in 1st place. I started out and played a big hand right off the bat. I had QQ and on the board came AJJxJ. What a nice set of J's and I knew I was ahead and all I had to do was get him to put his money in. It all did go in and he turned over A8 for a bigger full house. Luckily it was a rebuy tournament for the first 2 rounds and I bought back in and really didn't loose any ground. I then played the way I was supposed to and waited my turn to shine. In the end I had the chips and the money.

I must say as well that I have been trying to get my money out of Full Tilt know that we are unable to play in Washington State. I did get the money and it came to my bank in about 4 days. I feel good about Full Tilt being able to get it done. Now the bad part I was able to find out who was basically responsible for the issue of not playing poker in WA State. Margarita Prentice is the one and she even states that poker players need to go get jobs pumping gas. Wow, I did pump gas back in the 70's and they work hard and for very little pay. I think Prentice needs to experience what it is like to not have a job so she can pump gas. She really needs to be voted out of office over there in the Seattle area.

I am presently watching the market and ready to get back in at the first sign of a positive growth. I just don't feel it is there yet. Possibly this next week. I am watching BYD, MGM, LVS, F. Not sure which ones I will play but keeping an eye out and watching the charts.

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